Grup3D studio specialising in architectural and product renderings

Grup3D has the best 3D artists with many years of experience. We offer innovative solutions to sell projects through photorealistic architectural renderings.

We offer our online services nationally and internationally using the latest technology. No matter how far away you are, we can help you with your 3D project. Let’s get started… we offer you a new concept of work.

More than 8 years making 3D designs of architectural renderings and environments for catalogues, 3D animations as assembly instructions or to visualise an urban planning project. The skills and abilities acquired are reflected in our top quality work, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Architectural renderings and their benefits

3D architectural renderings have a wide range of advantages, especially when the project has not yet started. They offer the possibility to visualise different exterior and interior spaces using hyperrealistic 3D images.

 Thanks to our renderings and 3D animations, you will be able to offer a window into the future of what the final result will look like. Facades, gardens, swimming pools, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, common areas… From the most basic element, such as the facade paints, to decorative elements that could be a simple plant or even a painting.

 With our services you will be able to accelerate the sale of the property, and it is not for less, since this type of renders are very practical. Nowadays it is hard to imagine the multitude of possibilities that a space can offer. Especially when the project to be visualised is very large or wide-ranging.

We guarantee that our hyperrealistic renderings will make your client look twice at the image or video to make sure it is not real, but made with a computer.

3D architectural animations. Virtual Home Tours

We design 3D animations of architectural projects, in which we animate different objects, people and vehicles. In some designs we use special effects, such as fire, water, wind, particles, lighting and many others. 

 These 3D animations are usually edited in video format in Full HD resolution. They are used to promote homes as advertising spots on different social media platforms and real estate sales portals.


Architectural 3D animation for the promotion of a new building in Alboraya

We visualise new-build properties with 360º views

A 360º architectural virtual tour is a very effective tool for visualising new developments in detail. It is a unique experience that allows you to place yourself in your future project while it is still under construction.

 In this way we can visit the properties we are interested in without having to move. These 360º panoramic architectural renderings transmit all the elements of the property and its materials in the smallest detail.


360º Virtual Tour of new-build properties in Ignacio Loyola

Product renderings for catalogues and websites. 3D modeling

Product renderings are obtained by 3D computer modeling, materials are applied to the object that is generated and the rendering is done to obtain photorealistic images. Almost all goods that are manufactured today require product renderings, as the manufacturer needs to promote them on their website or product catalogue.


3D modeling and product rendering for catalogues and websites

3D animations of products. Assembly instructions

We design 3D animations as assembly instructions converted to Full HD video.

Ideal service to show the steps to follow to assemble a product, they can also be used as advertising spots.

 The 3D animations are designed to resolve all possible doubts that may arise when installing any type of product. In just a few seconds, the specialist visualises the steps to follow for a correct installation and the tools used for this purpose.


3D animation manufacture and installation of cut-out panels


Online Services

Architectural renderings

Interior and exterior architectural renderings, day and night, aerial views, integrations, 3D floor plans, elevations. All the digital content necessary for the sale of residential architecture projects.

3D Architectural Animations

Virtual tours of exterior and interior architectural spaces through 3D animation. An ideal service to generate visibility and arouse the interest of potential buyers using animated architectural videos

360º architectural virtual tour

Using 360º panoramic renderings we generate a virtual architectural tour, through which we can visualise a property. A service that allows us to enter a space without the need to move for it.

Product renderings

We model and render different products from lighting profiles to shower trays, furniture and many others. If you have the necessary information, we can make photorealistic renderings of your products.

3D product animations

We can model your product and then animate the different parts in 3D to generate a 3D animation. These videos are used as assembly instructions to visualise the steps to be followed for installation.

Rendering portfolio

In our portfolio you can find examples of our projects we have done over the last few years. In addition, you will find interior and exterior architectural renderings as well as product renderings.

Other services

In case you are not sure what kind of services you need, you can contact us and we will help you. However, it will be important that you have some information about the project you would like to carry out. To identify what project it is, try to collect the following information:

1.Floor plans, DWG, sketches, drawing of what you need.

2.Description of materials and finishes that will be used in your project.

3.Images as inspiration, for example, we need some images of something similar that you can find on the internet.

4.Contact details, name, telephone, email, company.

We are surrounded by images and videos in the different social networks or apps, it is becoming more and more complicated to stand out from the competition. Renderings or 3D animation help to capture the attention of our target audience, so these services are essential in a good marketing strategy.


Grupo Proyectos 3D


Contact us! Together we will find the best solution for your project.

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